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MIAA Action is a community of consumers supporting laws and policies encouraging consumers, governments, and businesses to choose American-made products, creating American jobs.

At Made in America Again, we  aren’t really into asking the government to solve our balance of trade problems  and bring the jobs home. Our basic  premise is that we consumers can do these  things ourselves, by choosing to purchase American-made products. But there  are some things we can ask of our governments and of businesses as  well.   Here you will find information on

  • clear country-of-origin marking, and
  • other initiatives  that can make a big difference in bringing jobs home to communities across America.


Clear Country-of-Origin Marking

Frustrated because you can’t tell where a product was made? 
At MIAA, our basic goal is to bring jobs home by exercising consumer choice. But it can be hard to choose an American-made product when you can’t tell where something was made. Online and hard-copy catalogs almost never mention a product’s foreign origin, except occasionally to state “imported”. And country-of-origin marking on packaging is indeed the “fine print,” and hard to find at that.


That’s why MIAA Action is working to change the law to require a clear statement of country-of-origin of foreign goods in all product descriptions and on the face of packaging. Enactment of this law, the Fair Country of Origin Disclosure of Origin Act, will enable you, the consumer, to make an informed choice.  Watch this space for information on how you can become involved.

Other Initiatives

Efforts are under way to “level the playing field” with countries that engage in currency manipulation and other tactics that give their products unfair advantage in the world markets. We will be providing you with links to those efforts.

We're doing it or their future . . .

MIAA Action, Inc. (“MIAA Action”), the advocacy arm of Made in America  Again, is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization dedicated to the enactment of legislation and  the adoption of policies encouraging consumers, governments, and businesses to  choose American-made products, creating American jobs.

Why it Matters

Our communities are struggling as we’ve sent millions of jobs overseas – jobs we could bring home through our spending choices. LEARN MORE.

Special Message

. . . from MIAA founder Jim Stuber.  I worked for a member of Congress (and ran for the House myself) so I know firsthand that you can make a difference and get a law passed through individual communications to your senators and representative and your state and local governments. I urge you to join in this effort and tell your friends – then be prepared to stand back and be amazed at what we can accomplish! - JS

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