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Made in America Again ACTION

About Us

MIAA Action, Inc. (“MIAA Action”), the advocacy arm of Made in America  Again, is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization dedicated to the enactment of legislation and  the adoption of policies encouraging consumers, governments, and businesses to  choose American-made products, creating American jobs.


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Why it Matters

Our communities are struggling as we’ve sent millions of jobs overseas – jobs we could bring home through our spending choices. LEARN MORE.

Special Message

. . . from MIAA founder Jim Stuber.  I worked for a member of Congress (and ran for the House myself) so I know firsthand that you can make a difference and get a law passed through individual communications to your senators and representative and your state and local governments. I urge you to join in this effort and tell your friends – then be prepared to stand back and be amazed at what we can accomplish! - JS

Where to Find Us:

Made in America Again ACTION
175 Strafford Ave
Suite One
Wayne, PA 19087

Phone: +1 610 608-5074

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