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Many consumers want to support communities across America by purchasing products mnade in those communities.  But it can be hard to exercise consumer choice when you can't tell where something was made. 


Laws currently on the books require products and packages to bear information about the product's origin, but many brands are effectively playing "hide the ball": the information can be hard to find, incomplete (e.g., "imported"), or inaccurate.


MIAA Action is working to obtain enactment of the Fair Disclosure of Origin Act, which will amend the various labeling laws to require clear country-of-origin labeling on products and packages and in catalog descriptions. 

Why it Matters

Our communities are struggling as we’ve sent millions of jobs overseas – jobs we could bring home through our spending choices. LEARN MORE

Special Message

. . . from MIAA founder Jim Stuber.  I worked for a member of Congress (and ran for the House myself) so I know firsthand that you can make a difference and get a law passed through individual communications to your senators and representative and your state and local governments. I urge you to join in this effort and tell your friends – then be prepared to stand back and be amazed at what we can accomplish! - JS

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